FireCare service concept

FireCare effectively extinguishes and prevents damage

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FireCare provides protection against the risk of fire. It is a package that aims to prevent or suppress a fire before it starts, thus preventing potential damage to people, equipment or the environment. BussiPro has already installed fire-fighting systems in almost 200 vehicles over more than ten years. In addition, we maintain more than a thousand installations.

The choice of extinguishing system depends on the destination, taking into account the materials to be transported. The extinguishing system consists of modules that can be installed flexibly and quickly, regardless of the type of equipment and brand.

Wabco OptiTire can also be integrated into FireCare, which monitors not only tyre pressure but also the temperature of the wheel hub and brakes. In this way, it warns not only of tyre damage but also of temperature rises due to wheel bearing and brake failures, even before the temperature has risen to a flammable level. The system can be installed on almost all rolling stock, from wheel loaders to buses and articulated vehicles.