BusCare service concept

BusCare concept brings significant savings for bus fleet use

BussiPro has launched a new way to improve the efficiency of the company's bus fleet. The concept helps to keep buses on the road as efficiently as possible and reduce the number of days of downtime. The concept not only guarantees quality spare parts but also aims to anticipate upcoming needs and thus avoid unpleasant surprises.

Traditional spare parts retailing usually focuses only on price and delivery reliability. BussiPro's approach is to ensure in advance which parts are the most appropriate for the customer at any given time. This means that you don't just order what you've always ordered before, but that developments in the sector and new alternatives are constantly taken into account.

The concept is based on three components, which are used to optimise the maintenance and operation of buses.

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BusCare optimisation objectives
  1. Increase fleet mileage
  2. Reduce the cost of kilometres driven
  3. Improve the profitability of vehicles