BussiPro Oy will help you on your journey towards cost-efficiency

BussiPro Oy’s mission is to offer its customers cost-efficient solutions for the maintenance management of transport vehicles. Whether you are looking for replacement glass or spare parts or would like to set up your own workshop or develop your business in some other way, BussiPro can help you find the right solution.

Checklist for fall season:

Weather is getting colder or at least more wet, remember to check your vehicles heating system, battery systems and brake system for example for its dryer.

Products and services


Windscreens, side and door glass, rear screens, and destination indicator boxes for buses and coaches

Chassis and body parts for buses and coaches

Windscreens and equipment for A-class motorhomes

Check examples


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Spare part orders

Replacement glass

Fire suppression equipment

Adhesives and sealants

Specialist consulting services


Tel. +358 75 7550 330

E-Mail: sales@bussipro.fi

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