Tyre pressure monitoring becomes mandatory for trailers

Tyre pressure management

The start of July marked the first step towards mandatory tyre pressure monitoring of HGV trailers. According to the new rules, new type approvals will require the presence of a tyre pressure monitoring system. This requirement will be extended to all new category O4 trailers in two years’ time.

Regulation UN ECE R 141 will include detailed requirements for the specifications and testing of the system and how the system should warn the driver about a pressure loss. The system described in this regulation is a comprehensive solution that not only monitors tyre pressures and communicates them to the driver, but also reacts to a possible pressure loss by supplying more air to the tyre in question.

BussiPro already offers Knorr-Bremse’s TPMS system that meets the new requirements. It provides the driver with up-to-date information on tyre pressures and possible changes in them.

A tyre pressure monitoring system offers real benefits, and installing one is not just about meeting legal requirements. In the bigger picture, the main goal is naturally improved road safety since the system makes it possible to react to changes in tyre pressure before they lead to serious consequences. The system will also reduce tyre wear and fuel consumption, which means that it is an investment that will pay for itself. Avoiding serious tyre damage and its consequences will still be the biggest and most important benefit. Our equipment has been used in Finland since 2015, and it has been installed in Neste’s tankers, for example.

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