Full servicing in a single visit

Full servicing

If several maintenance tasks can be carried out in a single visit, this improves the efficiency of the servicing and reduces the time the vehicle will be off the road. We are responding to this need with a package that allows for glass replacement, lane departure warning calibration, fire-suppression equipment and handheld extinguisher servicing and even refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment maintenance to be carried out in a single visit. All of this can be completed in a single day.

The installation and inspection of fixed fire-suppression equipment has been part of BussiPro’s expertise for years. Our FireCare service now also includes the inspection and servicing of handheld extinguishers.

Our main aim is to improve our overall service. When a vehicle equipped with fire-suppression equipment is brought in for servicing, we can now also take care of the vehicle’s handheld extinguisher without a need for a separate visit. Having a handheld extinguisher inspected is never expensive, but our customers can save valuable time when it can be taken care of alongside other maintenance tasks. When the handheld extinguisher is inspected alongside the fire-suppression equipment, the customer does not have to book another visit the next day. We are already offering this service to e.g. Nobina Finland Oy and YIT Kalusto Oy, as well as several customers with FireCare contracts.

Handheld extinguisher inspections are subject to legal requirements. Carrying out these inspections requires mandatory training and safe facilities that are suitable for the inspection work. The person responsible for the inspections must have a certificate of competency that requires a successfully passed handheld extinguisher servicing exam. BussiPro meets these requirements now.

Handheld extinguishers must be inspected every year if they are stored in a place where they are exposed to humidity, vibration, fluctuating temperatures and frost, and this is usually the case for extinguishers used in vehicles. The date of the next inspection is marked on the inspection label that is attached to the side of the extinguisher. The extinguisher must also be inspected after every use.

We inspect and service all brands of handheld extinguishers. We also have a partnership agreement with Presto.