BussiPro and ZF Group expand their partnership

Bussipro ja ZF

New agreements with Sachs and Lemförder

BussiPro has signed new partnership agreements with the Sachs and Lemförder brands. These partnerships will further strengthen our product range. Both brands are part of ZF Group, which also includes TRW with which we already have a partnership agreement. TRW is known especially for brake parts.

Sachs clutches and shock absorbers are among the best-known brands in the automotive industry. Many vehicles have Sachs shock absorbers and clutches as OEM parts. Over 10 million new vehicles equipped with Sachs parts are manufactured globally every year. These OEM-quality Sachs products are now also available to BussiPro’s customers.

Lemförder is a global market leader in the field of suspension and steering technology for commercial vehicles. The brand’s product range includes e.g. steering and suspension rods and joints. Thanks to the high quality of these parts, Lemförder has become the only brand used in many workshops. These parts are used as OEM parts, and the parts available on the aftermarket are manufactured according to the same quality standards.

Our partnership agreements guarantee the availability of Sachs and Lemförder parts at competitive prices.