Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 – read the report!

Automechanica 2022

Recardless the fact that Automechanika Frankfurt 2022 was not as wide as it used to be, still the fact is that it is the leading fair in automotive aftermarket. The participants offer a wide variety of leading manufacturers in the world and the audience is even more professionals than it used to be.

Anyway BussiPro is an experienced participant and the four days we spent there were booked from morning to evening appontments with our familiar partners and potential new partners. The time was anyway well spent from our own and our customers point of view. We heard many news and updates which we can tell hopefully soon in detail to add more value for our partners to keep their wheels turning.

Here you have some snap shots:

  • We found a really potential supplier for exchange program of new types of catalysators.
  • Optibelt will wider their range of spare parts to air suspension pillows.
  • We met more potential partners for example to deliver spare parts for construction machines, shock-absorbers etc.
  • Winnard told us that they have developed a complete wheel end kit which decrease mounting time and standing time of a bus.
  • We made an agreement with LEMA for delivering e.g. gaskets and silicone tubes.
  • Knorr-Bremse introduced us proudly their innovation award  winning solution of brake pads returning to their correct position.
  • TecDoc we visited quickly and most likely they will become to our data provider for our digital systems in the near future.
  • New whole-salers and manufacturers of hydraulic parts were found which means better days to our valued BusCare and TruckCare partners.
  • ZF presented what they already have for electric traffic. There might be something to be published of ZF and BussiPro deeper co-operation in the future but that we will come back later.
  • Our offering in engine, transmission and drivetrain parts will widen remarkably. We will soon inform you more.

Electric busses are selling well and the next direction will be delivery trucks and vans. However the aftermarket is not at the moment ready to offer all the components and services needed to maintain these vehicles. This is something we are going to pay attention to in the near future.

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