Things to remember when your vehicle is out of commission for longer periods


The global Covid-19 pandemic has forced many bus operators to put equipment on standstill. However, the buses should not be left on their own devices even when parked. Little bit of maintenance can ensure that the car is ready for use as soon as the situation returns to normal and no unexpected faults become an obstacle.
It is a good idea to switch off the main power of the car completely with the battery compartment switch as moisture can cause damage to electrical equipment. A maintenance charger helps to ensure that the car’s battery stays in operating condition. If it’s not possible to use a maintenance charger it would anyway be important to charge the battery on a regular basis to prevent it from freezing. If the battery seems to discharge abnormally fast, the negative terminal may become detached to slow the discharging process. It is of course also possible that the battery is in need of changing completely.
Long periods of the bus not being used can also have an impact for example on brakes and doors. These should also be tested from time to time while the bus is not being used. This, of course, requires that the car needs to be started. It is advisable to keep it running until properly warm in order for the liquids to circulate. To manage indoor humidity, you should purchase dehumidifiers and make sure that the water that accumulates in them is removed and the new moisture cartridge is replaced with an old one.
Before the bus is started it is of course necessary to make sure that the the oil and other fluid levels are on appropriate level. The same goes for tire pressures as longer standing periods can destroy the tire carcass. For the same reason, it would also be advisable to move the car from time to time so that the tires are not left in the same position for a long time.
It is also a good idea to go for a small test drive to test all the functions of the car. A test drive not only helps to maintain the car’s working condition but also helps to detect any possible faults.