Smarter maintenance saves money


Sometimes a workshop manager’s entire working day can be spent on hunting missing spare-parts and putting out fires. It is clear that this is not the most cost-effective way to keep the fleet moving. When there’s a great urgency to find the missing parts it’s also not possible to discuss about neither the quality nor the price of the parts. One must take what can be found quickly. This can get expensive, but yet, it is still a common procedure in many companies. However, there’s an alternative for this.

The concept of BusCare and TruckCare, which aim to reduce the costs of maintaining heavy vehicles, is simply based on the idea that things can be anticipated. The life-cycle of equipment components is well known, and preparing for future maintenance needs in advance saves time and money – and also nerves.

The process starts by mapping the vehicles down clearly by registration numbers. The maintenance and repairs performed by mileage are recorded and the needs of the upcoming maintenance are planned. The necessary parts are delivered in advance to the workshop’s own shelf where they are placed in good order and can thus be found quickly and without stress. This commercial warehouse on the company’s premises is the property of BussiPro. This means that the customer’s money will not be committed until the parts on the shelf are used.

This brings many benefits to the company: the work in the workshop is significantly more efficient when you no longer have to run after missing parts. The parts are also available immediately which in turn reduces downtime. As the parts come directly from BussiPro’s own network without any intermediaries, their top-notch quality can also be guaranteed. Direct deliveries also mean that the pricing of the parts is very competitive. In addition, accurate documentation is accumulated for each vehicle’s exact maintenance. This makes it easy to monitor and compare each vehicle’s life-cycle costs.

Together with our partners we are also actively looking for ways to avoid sudden breakdowns altogether. For example, the TPMS system detects starting failures on the bearings, brakes and tires so that they can be addressed in advance before things break all of a sudden on the road.

The newest addition to this total service model are the installation chemicals. Workshop shelves usually have a varied selection of different chemicals – the use of which is unfortunately often inappropriate or even incorrect. By identifying the needs and selecting the right products, the amount of chemicals used can generally be significantly reduced. This makes it easier to learn how to use them properly and also makes it easier to manage the inventory.

BusCare and TruckCare are designed to simplify and streamline a workshop’s daily work. With the help of these services, the operations become significantly more efficient – and this saves money.