Kimmo Piispanen starts at BussiPro

BussiPro Kimmo Piispanen

BussiPro’s new Operations Manager Kimmo Piispanen freely admits that he is not an expert on the technical aspects of heavy equipment. Instead, he has extensive international experience in industry, procurement, project work and developing and operating business units – exactly what BussiPro needs right now.

BussiPro has plans to grow. It is therefore more important than ever that all aspects of operational processes are carefully thought out and that everything is planned in advance as much as possible. This reduces the number of mistakes and emergencies, thus improving the overall efficiency of the company’s operations. Kimmo also wants to develop new channels so that an expanding customer base can get the products they need more easily.

His current projects include developing a service path for new customers, for example. The aim is that the customer would not just get the spare part they need from BussiPro, but that they would also be able to get support for using the products and for developing their own business. BussiPro has already been doing this for several years through its BusCare and TruckCare service concepts, but we can see a lot of further possibilities in this area. While focusing on intensive development work, Kimmo also has to keep in touch with customers to try to identify hidden needs that they are not necessarily aware of yet. Those needs are the reason we exist. We have to be able to meet the customer’s needs and make their life easier in the process.

Kimmo Piispanen was born and bred in Lahti, and in his spare time he enjoys scuba diving, exercising and hiking – often with a camera in hand. Kimmo started his career in Lahti, and he says that it feels great to be back after several years spent abroad and elsewhere in Finland.