Kari Annaniemi, spare parts sales – If we don’t have it, we’ll find it

Kari Annaniemi

Kari Annaniemi has extensive experience in the automotive industry, and his main area of responsibility at BussiPro is the sales of spare parts for lorries and trailers. This is a fairly broad field, and ensuring that the company’s supply meets the partners’ demand requires constant work. This work involves both developing BussiPro’s own system to make sure that items that are in stock can be found as quickly and easily as possible and actively looking for parts that are not in stock from further afield.

According to Kari, the situation is now good as far as the partners’ consignment stocks are concerned. The majority of parts that are needed frequently are available directly from stock, which means that the partner’s local stock can be replenished quickly.

The number of other items continues to grow on a daily basis when new parts are needed. There are already almost 9,000 parts available in the system. This number may sound high, but parts are still being ordered from manufacturers all over the world. Hunting down these parts takes up a significant amount of Kari’s time.

Kari says that he likes his job. In his previous roles as a workshop manager and vocational teacher in the automotive field, achieving good results always depended on numerous other people. Kari says that he enjoys being able to take care of things himself from start to finish. Working independently and taking on responsibility suits him. Kari has plenty of know-how of his own, but he can also get help from his colleagues whenever necessary.

Kari’s work is international. Parts are ordered from all over Europe. Thankfully this is not a problem since English is the lingua franca of the automotive industry and Kari already has a good grasp of the terminology involved.

In his spare time, Kari enjoys motorcycling and boating. His goal for this year is to repair and refurbish an old Meriläinen boat. Getting the 11-hp engine back in shape takes Kari’s thoughts off work.