It is getting colder – are your heating systems working?


Now as days are getting colder it is just about the right time to make sure that all the heating systems are in proper working order. This is such an important matter that it has even been regulated by law. Heating Is not just a question of comfort, but also of safety for both the driver and the passengers.

Heating is in fact one of the most important single factors influencing the customer satisfaction of a bus trip. If the heating doesn’t work properly, the feedback is usually immediate. In Finland the Ministry of Transport has issued a decision in which a separate section has been dedicated to heating and ventilation. It states that the heating and ventilation systems must guarantee the driver to have an unobstructed visibility to the front and sides. In addition, the temperature in the driver’s compartment must be adjustable separately to the passenger compartment. The interior of the bus must also be pressurized correctly.

After ensuring that the heating and ventilation are working properly we can welcome the cold weather with open arms!