Customer: Tampereen Infratuotanto, repair and maintenance services
Project/role: To develop the spare part operations of the workshop responsible for the maintenance of vehicles owned and operated by the City of Tampere.

Customer: Ventoniemi Oy
Project/role: To develop Ventoniemi Oy’s maintenance depot, including improvements to the efficiency of workshop processes and management.

Customer: Pekolan Liikenne Oy
Project/role: To develop Pekolan Liikenne Oy’s maintenance, repair, and spare part operations.

Customer: As Sebe, Estonia
Project/role: Specialist consulting and project management

To plan a commercial engine workshop, to implement the repairs and refurbishment of the workshop premises, to purchase equipment for the workshop, to plan and manage the refurbishment process, and to provide training for the entire organisation. To develop As Sebe’s spare part operations. To develop the company’s services into products (marketing, sales, and post-sales management).

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Bussiammattilainen 2/2010
Suomen Autolehti 4/2010

Company website: www.sebe.eewww.busland.ee

Customer: Nobina Finland Oy
Project/role: To improve the availability of replacement glass and to reduce repair and maintenance costs.

As a solution to these issues, a consignment stock system was introduced. The new system has improved both cost-efficiency and the availability of replacement glass.

Customer: Various bus and coach companies
Project/role: Technical training provider and spare part supplier

To provide training for mechanics responsible for installing replacement windscreens, side and door glass, and destination indicator boxes. To supply replacement glass, sealants and adhesives, and additionally, specialist tools.

Please click here to read more about BussiPro and its partners (in Finnish): Pikavuoro 1/2010

Customer: HKL-Raitioliikenne
Project/role: Specialist consulting

To plan a project to produce repair and maintenance manuals for HKL-Raitioliikenne’s new articulated C trams and to update the manuals for the older A and B trams.

Customer: Länsilinjat Oy
Project/role: Specialist consulting

To develop the maintenance, repair, and spare part operations of Länsilinjat Oy, a medium-sized Finnish coach operator, by reviewing the company’s staffing needs and processes. The review led to the appointment and training of a new workshop manager. Changes to the layout and maintenance procedures of the workshop reduced costs, increased productivity, and improved staff satisfaction.
Thanks to the improvements, the costs of repairs conducted by external providers decreased by 9.3% in the year after the project.

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Bussiammattilainen 1/2009

Company website: www.lansilinjat.fi

Customer: Valtasen Liikenne Oy
Project/role: Specialist consulting

To establish the requirements for the registration of a charter coach imported to Finland from Spain and to acquire the documentation required for registration.

Company website: www.valtasenliikenne.com