Fire suppression equipment

FK-127- and FK-128-compliant installation and servicing of automatic fire suppression systems (we are certified installers of Dafo and Fogmaker fire suppression equipment).



A high-pressure water system, the best fire suppression solution for engine fires

Liquid as a fire suppression agent

  • liquid suppresses fire when it vaporises
  • water absorbs heat, helping to prevent reflash The temperature of the fire drops by more than 800 °C in 10 seconds
  • an additive in the water forms a fire-retardant coating over the fire area, which prevents reflash

We offer installation and maintenance services for automatic fire suppression systems in engine compartments that meet the requirements of many companies, including Neste Oil.

The test shown in the video demonstrates an engine-compartment fire involving high-pressure spray of petrol. The high-pressure-liquid fire suppression system deals with the fire in the blink of an eye.