A fire emphasizes the importance of maintenance

A fire emphasizes the importance of maintenance

A bus fire is always a serious reminder of how important it is to prevent such situations in advance. We have already experienced a couple of dangerous fires in Finland this summer. The vehicles were destroyed, but luckily no humans were injured. Fire prevention consists of two important factors.

The first thing is of course that the fire prevention system is installed on the bus in the first place.  The automatic shut-off system always protects the engine compartment, auxiliary heater and hydraulics. Most often, the root cause of the fire lies in these very places. Bus fires often develop very quickly and there’s only a short window for emptying the vehicle from passengers.  In addition, it is also very difficult to extinguish an engine compartment fire with a hand-held fire extinguisher.

Another equally important thing is that the equipment is properly and regularly maintained to keep it in working order. Unfortunately, we have noticed that the regular maintenance gets neglected too often. An investment in the equipment can be in vain if it is not properly maintained. In a real situation it is possible that an unmaintained system is not reacting as planned making the whole system useless.

We would like to remind you to ensure that your fire prevention systems are in proper working order. If a long time has elapsed from the previous service, please get in touch and we will take care of the matter.

Case: Starting from March 2020 we have installed fire suppression systems to new Volvo double deckers, which has been built by Volvo´s contract manufacturer Carrus Delta Oy.