BussiPro helps to keep your air-conditioning systems going

BussiPro helps to keep your air-conditioning systems going

In hot weather the inside temperature of a bus cabin can quickly rise to over 40 degrees when the air-conditioning system is not working correctly. This does not improve road safety, the drivers’ working conditions or the passengers’ travel comfort.

An air-conditioner is on principle a long-lasting and reliable piece of equipment, but without maintenance, its power will decrease and in the end there will be no cooling at all. Failure to service also shortens the service life of the most expensive component of the equipment, meaning the compressor. All in all, there are really no gains to be made by neglecting the regular maintenance.

Proper usage of the air-conditioner can also extend its service life-time. It is advisable to use the equipment from time to time also during winter time so that the refrigerant in the air-conditioning system flows through the entire system. This keeps the seals in good condition and the compressor lubricated.

It is a good idea to always clean the condenser during washing to prevent dirt from accumulating and sticking to it as this prevents it from working effectively. It is advisable to check the air-conditioning fluids annually and top up when necessary. The refrigerant can evaporate also from a properly working system little by little.

A more extensive maintenance should be scheduled for every two years. This maintenance should include for example changing the oils of the compressor. During the annual maintenance, the dryer cartridge and filters are also replaced or washed. Otherwise, the power of the equipment will be reduced and the fan motor will be strained, which can cause it to break prematurely.

Repairing air-conditioning equipment requires special equipment and expertise, so good daily maintenance of the equipment saves costs in the long run.

BussiPro also serves in air-conditioning matters. We supply spare parts quickly and reliably and our professional customer service can give advice on air-conditioning related issues. This is all part of our unique BusCare concept.