Jari Huovila – “You get to do all sorts of stuff here”


Jari Huovila is a man of many talents. He has several years of experience with heavy equipment maintenance, and he also has a diploma in property maintenance – a field he has been working in for the past few years. He has now made a comeback to the world of buses and lorries, and his position at BussiPro provides him with an opportunity to use all of his skills. Jari installs and maintains fire-suppression equipment, replaces damaged windscreens and windows, helps with the stock when he has the time and even takes care of the technical maintenance of BussiPro’s premises.

On the day of our interview, Jari is replacing the windscreen of a bus. The work has to be completed in a timely fashion, yet calmly, because a windscreen that weighs 50 kg and is over two metres wide has to be treated with respect. The replacement process involves several steps, and it takes an entire working day when drying times are included.

“I like my job,” Jari says. “Varied tasks are the best thing about it. Working on a production line would not be for me. I have a wide range of skills, and I want to make use of them,” he explains.

On the day of our interview, all steps of the windscreen replacement process go to plan. The vehicle is ready by the end of the day, but it will spend the night in BussiPro’s garage before being picked up by the client in the morning.

In his free time, Jari helps his own parents and parents-in-law as both families have fields and forests to look after. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and dog.