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Trade fairs: The Busworld Europe Kortrijk exhibition, 19–25 October 2017

Trade fairs: The Busworld Europe Kortrijk exhibition, 19–25 October 2017

This year, BussiPro made its first ever appearance at a Busworld trade fair held in Kortrijk, where this series of exhibitions was established back in 1971 and gained legendary status in the industry. While many veterans of the trade fair were disappointed to learn that this was would be the last year of Kortrijk hosting the event, it was a fine send-off to the location: the arrangements certainly left nothing to be desired. The organisers hailed this year’s event – the 24th Kortrijk exhibition – as the best ever.

 376 exhibitors (with dozens queuing for a place), from 36 countries

37,241 visitors, gathering from 118 countries

Other distinguishing characteristics – the organisers’ press release can be read online at

 While the atmosphere at the Kortrijk Xpo conference centre has always been fantastic, this popular event has simply outgrown the premises. For several years, temporary structures and marquees were set up in the area of the exhibition centre to provide more space for exhibitors and visitors alike. The next Busworld Europe exhibition, to be held in 2019, will see the event move to Brussels, where it will be easier to reach. We join the exhibition regulars in hoping that the great atmosphere of Kortrijk too will be transferred to the new venue.

 In early autumn of this year, we performed advance marketing and conducted marketing studies among the bus operators in Germany and the Benelux countries. These companies expressed keen interest in our new BusCare concept, and their positive feelings also translated into large visitor numbers at our exhibition area, with more than 200 new contacts made. At times, we were so busy that, no matter all of our best efforts, our five-strong team could not talk to everyone who visited.

 We were also pleased that many of our OEM partners, among them Knorr-Bremse, Meritor, and Mekra, paid us a visit.

 Also, we were pleasantly surprised to receive the first offer requests before the event had even ended, and we arranged to hold meetings with operators interested in finding out more about the concept in late 2017 and early 2018.

 We are happy to announce in addition that we will be able to make the position of Marc Schröder, our German bus market expert, permanent, thanks to the successful international introduction.

 We would like to extend our warmest thanks to those who helped us in our export project: Lahti Region Development (Ladec)’s Johanna Veikkolainen, Marc Borremans (with Mathces2success), Hannele Zilm-Schulz (of FinDeConnect), MyFinland’s Taina Immonen, Arto Varanki of Messeforum, Markku Mäkelä (with the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation, or Tekes), Miia Forsström (of Finland’s Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment), and many others.

The Busworld Times no. 69

Our new BusCare concept

Our new BusCare concept

In conjunction with our export drive, we updated our visual identity, including our Web site. In this connection, we focused on our central concept and how it is reflected in our day-to-day work with our collaboration partners.

This led us to adopt the BusCare concept, which encapsulates our passionate approach to offering our customers the best solutions possible for the maintenance of their fleet, in terms of both technology and costs. The decision also demonstrates our strong interest in our partners’ equipment and vehicles. BusCare – we really care.

In its issue 8/2017, the journal Ammattiautot, which is one of Finland’s leading publications in the field, featured an article on the changes that have taken place in our company over the last year, including the addition of new brands to our selection and the introduction of the BusCare concept. The article can be read in Finnish in PDF format either here or at

In addition, the well-known German journal Omnibusrevue noted our new concept and featured it in an article on the build-up to Kortrijk’s trade fair in its issue 10/2017 (page 42). The article, in German, can be read in PDF format here or at  

Press releases on the topic can be downloaded from this page.

The international launch of the BusCare concept and unveiling of our new visual identity were both highlights of our presence at the year’s main bus-industry trade event, Busworld Kortrijk, held on 20–25 October.


Busworld 2017

Busworld 2017

The expansion of our business activities to international markets, which began with Russia, will continue: an active market survey is to be carried out in the German economic region in summer 2016.

 The positive feedback from 2016’s Busworld exhibition in Moscow left us even more convinced that there is demand also abroad for the unique technical expertise in bus fleets that BussiPro holds. Our technical and financial expertise help our customers find a cost-effective solution for their spare-parts operations and fleet management.

 The international expansion project will culminate with the most important event in the bus world, this year’s Busworld Europe exhibition, to be held in Kortrijk. We invite you to meet us there – we look forward to seeing you at our stand, 109d!


Trade fairs: Maxpo 2017, in Hyvinkää on 7–9 September 2017

Trade fairs: Maxpo 2017, in Hyvinkää on 7–9 September 2017

Maxpo 2017, the largest exhibition of land construction and environmental maintenance machines in the Nordic countries, was held at Hyvinkää Airfield on 7–9 September. BussiPro braved the weather to participate in the event for the second time. The exhibition showcased machines and equipment for excavation, environmental maintenance, road and house construction, and industrial material handling, in all size categories. This trade fair is arranged every other year with FinnMETKO in Jämsä. Although the weather did not favour us at all times, the event attracted a large number of visitors, many of whom also found their way to our stand. We forged numerous new contacts and received several offer requests.

This heavy equipment exhibition presented a great variety of veteran heavy-duty vehicles and, as in previous years, the visitors were treated to interesting work demonstrations. To celebrate Finland’s 100 years of independence, the theme of these demonstrations was excavators and earthwork machinery manufactured in Finland from the 1950s onwards. For some reason, the picture of these golden oldies also includes the CAT D7 bulldozer, a machine that is particularly familiar to Jussi.

On our stand, we showcased

  • spare parts for heavy-duty equipment,
  • glazing for work machines,
  • fire-suppression equipment,
  • a pressure monitoring system for TPMS tyres, and
  • work and warning lights for work machines.

On Wednesday 6 September 2017, at 9.30pm, we received confirmation that after lengthy negotiations we have gained the right to act as an agent for TRW Automotive. As much as we would have liked to have celebrated this great opportunity properly, the schedule proved tight. Despite this, we were pleased to be able to introduce a power steering system manufactured by TRW on our stand.

The event attracted about 15,500 visitors. We would like to thank everyone who visited us!

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BussiPro offers brand-independent management of spare parts and technical maintenance services for buses and coaches. Our main focus is on spare parts, replacement glass, and specialist consulting services for development projects related to maintenance, repair shop and warehouse operations, and automatic fire-suppression systems. Products and solutions with the best price-to-quality ratio are all just a part of BussiPro’s customer-oriented approach to service.