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This is how to replace the cylinder head gaskets correctly

This is how to replace the cylinder head gaskets correctly

Replacing the seals on the cylinder head of a truck and bus engine is an easy task on principle. On the other hand, it is also an important and demanding task where failure can cause costly damage. Unfortunately, a simple mistake or negligence during the process can in worst cases destroy the whole head.

The correct installation chemicals also play a big part in a successful installation job. BussiPro supplies appropriate installation chemicals which you can easily order along the other parts for your cylinder head project.

BussiPro’s partner in seals is Victor Reinz, whose seals are known for their good quality and dimensional accuracy. They have made a clear step-by-step video guide on replacing the cover seals. If you have five minutes to spare, it would be a good idea to see if you can find new tips for your own work.

You can watch the video here.

Victor Reinz is a part of the Dana Group, a global supplier of vehicle transmission and electric systems. The same group also includes for example Spicer, which specializes in transmission systems. Dana is also a partner of BussiPro.

Tires and batteries pose a risk during fires – Proper extinguishing equipment helps to limit damage

Tires and batteries pose a risk during fires – Proper extinguishing equipment helps to limit damage

Thousands of vehicle fires are lit every year. Quick reactions are of essence in these situations. Major damage can be prevented with proper extinguishing equipment along with proper action by the driver.

A fire in a bus is always dangerous. A large car, large volumes of gases, fuels, and other flammable liquids and hazardous combustion gases, put both the driver and passengers in a real danger.

Tires, batteries, gas car pressure relief valves, etc. are extremely dangerous if they catch fire. Initial fire shutdown procedures can of course be conducted if the situation is still in its early stages. Otherwise the driver’s job is to alert the fire brigade and guide passengers and other bystanders away from the car – preferably at least 20 meters away.

In such a situation, the car’s own automatic shut-off system is worth its weight in gold. It reacts as soon as the fire is still at the beginning, thus avoiding the spread of fire and major damage and risks.

The CTIF propulsion sticker, which is hopefully found on every heavy-duty car, tells rescuers what fuel the car is running on. This information is important when deciding how to put out a fire.

BussiPro has created the Fire Care concept, in which the car is equipped with automatic extinguishing equipment. In addition, the system can be supplemented with sensors that monitor, for example, the brake temperature. They warn in advance if the temperature of the brakes rises to dangerous levels. The Truck Care program also takes care of the maintenance of the equipment, ensuring that it remains in working order for several years.

The cameras show dead angles

The cameras show dead angles

The new HD-level high-definition cameras significantly increase the safety of operating heavy vehicles. The 360 ° image of the vehicle’s environment transmitted by the camera system to the monitor in front of the driver is much more illustrative and accurate than the situation image transmitted by the mirrors, which sometimes require extra interpretation.

The camera system makes handling the vehicle at low speeds much safer. There is nothing near the vehicle that the driver would not be aware of. In addition, the driver can use the clear image provided by the monitor to assess exactly in which direction and how close the potential obstacle is. This facilitates turning and reversing, preventing both small bumps and potential serious personal injuries.
At BussiPro we have now introduced Brigade camera systems into our representations. Brigade is a true pioneer in the field. Their 7 ”monitor, side cameras, reversing cameras, 360 degree all-round system, indoor cameras and dome cameras all transmit high-definition images directly to the driver’s monitor. This leaves the driver with no blind spots at all and decision-making does not have to be based on guesswork, as the situation is clearly shown on the screen.
The camera system can be installed on buses, trucks and work machines. To simplify equipment selection, we have pre-built installation packages for the following:
– Pickup trucks
– Full-trailers
You can find more information about Brigade camera systems on Elektrolind’s website.

Things to remember when your vehicle is out of commission for longer periods

Things to remember when your vehicle is out of commission for longer periods

The global Covid-19 pandemic has forced many bus operators to put equipment on standstill. However, the buses should not be left on their own devices even when parked. Little bit of maintenance can ensure that the car is ready for use as soon as the situation returns to normal and no unexpected faults become an obstacle.
It is a good idea to switch off the main power of the car completely with the battery compartment switch as moisture can cause damage to electrical equipment. A maintenance charger helps to ensure that the car’s battery stays in operating condition. If it’s not possible to use a maintenance charger it would anyway be important to charge the battery on a regular basis to prevent it from freezing. If the battery seems to discharge abnormally fast, the negative terminal may become detached to slow the discharging process. It is of course also possible that the battery is in need of changing completely.
Long periods of the bus not being used can also have an impact for example on brakes and doors. These should also be tested from time to time while the bus is not being used. This, of course, requires that the car needs to be started. It is advisable to keep it running until properly warm in order for the liquids to circulate. To manage indoor humidity, you should purchase dehumidifiers and make sure that the water that accumulates in them is removed and the new moisture cartridge is replaced with an old one.
Before the bus is started it is of course necessary to make sure that the the oil and other fluid levels are on appropriate level. The same goes for tire pressures as longer standing periods can destroy the tire carcass. For the same reason, it would also be advisable to move the car from time to time so that the tires are not left in the same position for a long time.
It is also a good idea to go for a small test drive to test all the functions of the car. A test drive not only helps to maintain the car’s working condition but also helps to detect any possible faults.

It is getting colder – are your heating systems working?

It is getting colder – are your heating systems working?

Now as days are getting colder it is just about the right time to make sure that all the heating systems are in proper working order. This is such an important matter that it has even been regulated by law. Heating Is not just a question of comfort, but also of safety for both the driver and the passengers.

Heating is in fact one of the most important single factors influencing the customer satisfaction of a bus trip. If the heating doesn’t work properly, the feedback is usually immediate. In Finland the Ministry of Transport has issued a decision in which a separate section has been dedicated to heating and ventilation. It states that the heating and ventilation systems must guarantee the driver to have an unobstructed visibility to the front and sides. In addition, the temperature in the driver’s compartment must be adjustable separately to the passenger compartment. The interior of the bus must also be pressurized correctly.

After ensuring that the heating and ventilation are working properly we can welcome the cold weather with open arms!

Smarter maintenance saves money

Smarter maintenance saves money

Sometimes a workshop manager’s entire working day can be spent on hunting missing spare-parts and putting out fires. It is clear that this is not the most cost-effective way to keep the fleet moving. When there’s a great urgency to find the missing parts it’s also not possible to discuss about neither the quality nor the price of the parts. One must take what can be found quickly. This can get expensive, but yet, it is still a common procedure in many companies. However, there’s an alternative for this.

The concept of BusCare and TruckCare, which aim to reduce the costs of maintaining heavy vehicles, is simply based on the idea that things can be anticipated. The life-cycle of equipment components is well known, and preparing for future maintenance needs in advance saves time and money – and also nerves.

The process starts by mapping the vehicles down clearly by registration numbers. The maintenance and repairs performed by mileage are recorded and the needs of the upcoming maintenance are planned. The necessary parts are delivered in advance to the workshop’s own shelf where they are placed in good order and can thus be found quickly and without stress. This commercial warehouse on the company’s premises is the property of BussiPro. This means that the customer’s money will not be committed until the parts on the shelf are used.

This brings many benefits to the company: the work in the workshop is significantly more efficient when you no longer have to run after missing parts. The parts are also available immediately which in turn reduces downtime. As the parts come directly from BussiPro’s own network without any intermediaries, their top-notch quality can also be guaranteed. Direct deliveries also mean that the pricing of the parts is very competitive. In addition, accurate documentation is accumulated for each vehicle’s exact maintenance. This makes it easy to monitor and compare each vehicle’s life-cycle costs.

Together with our partners we are also actively looking for ways to avoid sudden breakdowns altogether. For example, the TPMS system detects starting failures on the bearings, brakes and tires so that they can be addressed in advance before things break all of a sudden on the road.

The newest addition to this total service model are the installation chemicals. Workshop shelves usually have a varied selection of different chemicals – the use of which is unfortunately often inappropriate or even incorrect. By identifying the needs and selecting the right products, the amount of chemicals used can generally be significantly reduced. This makes it easier to learn how to use them properly and also makes it easier to manage the inventory.

BusCare and TruckCare are designed to simplify and streamline a workshop’s daily work. With the help of these services, the operations become significantly more efficient – and this saves money.

A fire emphasizes the importance of maintenance

A fire emphasizes the importance of maintenance

A bus fire is always a serious reminder of how important it is to prevent such situations in advance. We have already experienced a couple of dangerous fires in Finland this summer. The vehicles were destroyed, but luckily no humans were injured. Fire prevention consists of two important factors.

The first thing is of course that the fire prevention system is installed on the bus in the first place.  The automatic shut-off system always protects the engine compartment, auxiliary heater and hydraulics. Most often, the root cause of the fire lies in these very places. Bus fires often develop very quickly and there’s only a short window for emptying the vehicle from passengers.  In addition, it is also very difficult to extinguish an engine compartment fire with a hand-held fire extinguisher.

Another equally important thing is that the equipment is properly and regularly maintained to keep it in working order. Unfortunately, we have noticed that the regular maintenance gets neglected too often. An investment in the equipment can be in vain if it is not properly maintained. In a real situation it is possible that an unmaintained system is not reacting as planned making the whole system useless.

We would like to remind you to ensure that your fire prevention systems are in proper working order. If a long time has elapsed from the previous service, please get in touch and we will take care of the matter.

Case: Starting from March 2020 we have installed fire suppression systems to new Volvo double deckers, which has been built by Volvo´s contract manufacturer Carrus Delta Oy.

BussiPro helps to keep your air-conditioning systems going

BussiPro helps to keep your air-conditioning systems going

In hot weather the inside temperature of a bus cabin can quickly rise to over 40 degrees when the air-conditioning system is not working correctly. This does not improve road safety, the drivers’ working conditions or the passengers’ travel comfort.

An air-conditioner is on principle a long-lasting and reliable piece of equipment, but without maintenance, its power will decrease and in the end there will be no cooling at all. Failure to service also shortens the service life of the most expensive component of the equipment, meaning the compressor. All in all, there are really no gains to be made by neglecting the regular maintenance.

Proper usage of the air-conditioner can also extend its service life-time. It is advisable to use the equipment from time to time also during winter time so that the refrigerant in the air-conditioning system flows through the entire system. This keeps the seals in good condition and the compressor lubricated.

It is a good idea to always clean the condenser during washing to prevent dirt from accumulating and sticking to it as this prevents it from working effectively. It is advisable to check the air-conditioning fluids annually and top up when necessary. The refrigerant can evaporate also from a properly working system little by little.

A more extensive maintenance should be scheduled for every two years. This maintenance should include for example changing the oils of the compressor. During the annual maintenance, the dryer cartridge and filters are also replaced or washed. Otherwise, the power of the equipment will be reduced and the fan motor will be strained, which can cause it to break prematurely.

Repairing air-conditioning equipment requires special equipment and expertise, so good daily maintenance of the equipment saves costs in the long run.

BussiPro also serves in air-conditioning matters. We supply spare parts quickly and reliably and our professional customer service can give advice on air-conditioning related issues. This is all part of our unique BusCare concept.

Busworld was a great success

Busworld was a great success

The just finished Busworld 2019 exhibition proved that we at BussiPro are on the right track with our unique BusCare service. BusCare is designed to make buses more efficient, to keep them on the road instead of standing in a service garage.

At BussiPro we provide excellent old-fashioned service with modern tools and are very pleased that this message seems to be of great interest to the operators now. At the exhibition we received a large amount of quotation requests, which we will now start taking care of. Busworld Daily Times and Omnibus Revue also took notice of BussiPro’s advanced concept in their publications.

E-buses, their transmission and batteries were of particular interest at the exhibition. We at BussiPro are strongly involved in also these technologies.

Our Fire Care concept, which focuses on preventing and extinguishing fires, also aroused great interest. The new products behind the concept are more versatile and efficient than ever before.

The next large bus industry event is organized in Moscow next year and the following year it is again Busworld’s turn. BussiPro will naturally take part in both events.

BusCare EXPO 2019

Thank’s for everybody

Very big and humble thanks for the interest our event has received and especially for all of you who participated in the EXPO the event with your participation
There were over 200 professional visitors during the day, they spent most of the day listening to the OEM / Valeo, Mekra, Meritor, ZF-TRW, Fersa Bearings, CEI and Loctite company / product presentations and afternoon technical presentations.
Also present were Cummins, Fleetguard, Optibelt, Bridgestone, Winnard, Knorr-Bremse, Dayco, Dinex, Mitsubisbi Eletectric, and after-sales from DPF-Pro, Diesel-Technic, Hamofa (one of Central Europe’s largest engine builders), AVA Cooling / TitanX as well as the small bus vendors AutoWay and Vehico / BusPartner.
Safety and automatic fire suppression were also a key role.
BusPro offers all this and much more. Naturally, technical support and training as needed are part of our service package. Thank you very much for being here.
Finally one important news. Now we also have TrucCare by BussiPro for Transport companies. Here link to Video