BussiPro and Kolbenschmidt sign a partnership agreement on engine parts

BussiPro and Kolbenschmidt sign a partnership agreement on engine parts

Kolbenschmidt is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of spare parts for engines. Thanks to a new partnership agreement, these parts are now available to BussiPro’s customers. The wide range of products includes parts for both engines and engine peripherals.

The product range covers everything needed for engine repairs and overhauls, from camshafts to connecting rods. There is also a wide range of components needed for supplying air, fuel and oil, including pumps, valves and sensors.

Kolbenschmidt parts are manufactured according to strict quality standards. The parts are premium-quality products that are precision made using high-quality materials. Kolbenschmidt is ISO 9001 certified, and the packaging of the parts features forgery-proof holograms that guarantee that you are receiving genuine parts. The products are delivered fast and on time, and we offer support for choosing the correct part in collaboration with Kolbenschmidt.

Kolbenschmidt is part of the global Rheinmetall Group, which employs around 25,000 people in total. The group is an important supplier of parts needed by the global automotive industry.

BussiPro can also supply genuine Viktor Reinz and Lema gaskets and seals for engines. Having the right adhesives and sealants is also essential for achieving successful results. Our range of Loctite products comes in handy here, and we are also happy to help and advise you in choosing the right products for the job at hand.