Now is the time to act!

Now is the time to act!

Although passengers are becoming more demanding these days, getting the basics right is still the most important thing. One of these basics is the condition of the vehicle.

The pandemic has changed passengers’ expectations. For an increasing number of them, getting from A to B as cheaply as possible is no longer enough, and the journey itself is more important than before. How comfortable are the journeys you offer?

Many airlines and train operating companies have started creating additional travel classes to address these new expectations. Airlines are revamping the cabins of their wide-body aircraft to make them more spacious and appealing, and to provide more comfortable long-haul flights. In addition to additional legroom, train operating companies are offering better seats and improved conditions for reading or working during the journey, to give just a couple of examples.

After a very challenging period, the bus and coach industry is only now starting to gear up for increasing demand. The industry is seeing the same trends as the transport industry in general, but individual companies have limited means to make major investments in the current climate.

However, every company should first and foremost ensure that their existing services and fleet are in the best possible shape as demand starts to pick up again. And this is something that should be done now. A modern bus or coach includes a large number of components and features that affect the passengers’ experience. The aim should be to ensure the reliable operation of the vehicle and to make sure that passengers can enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free journey. For example, air conditioning requires regular servicing to work, any unusual sounds coming from the chassis can make a negative impression, on-board equipment is expected to work flawlessly, seats must be in a good condition, internal lighting and audio systems must work properly and the vehicle must be clean and tidy, both outside and inside.

When all of this has been taken care of, the driver is in a good mood and the service is running on time, many of the customers’ basic expectations have already been met. At BussiPro, we want to help you to achieve all this. We offer high-quality spare parts, and many parts can be delivered quickly, directly from stock.

Undamaged and fog-free windows, bodywork parts and all the most important consumables, as well as features that affect the reliability and safety of the vehicle, such as fire suppression equipment or lane departure warning systems, are all essential for comfortable journeys, since reaching the destination reliably is the cornerstone of the industry. This is why BussiPro offers the BusCare concept, which involves the creation and implementation of a preventive maintenance programme. Using BusCare prevents faults, reduces the number of repair days, saves money and gives both staff and customers peace of mind.