TRW Automotive dealership granted

TRW Automotive dealership granted


BussiPro and part of ZF Group, TRW Automotive have made an agreement for dealership for parts manufactured by TRW.

TRW Automotive has over one hundred of years history where quality, innovation and earned reputation as manufacturer for safe and reliable parts are in key role. Need for TRW dealership came from our customers as it turned out that TRW is the OEM manufacturer  for example VDL brands city busses and their steering parts.

TRW history stretches i.a. to Ford T models wooden wheels in 1908 and twenty years later designed hand brake for the same company.

As an environmentally aware company, TRW offers wide variety of reconditioned steering parts for aftermarket sector such as power steering pumps and gears.  Reconditioned units under go same tests as new units which ensures quality and safety.

In our stock you will find already VDL steering parts and also Scania and Mercedes Benz reaction rods. We’ll update the stock items as the demand increases.

In addition to our stock items , there is a vast selection of steering components available such as track and reaction rods, steering gears etc. Selection varies from truck, bus and coach sized vehicles to small buses such as Mercedes Benz Sprinter.

We’ll inform our stock selection changes in forthcoming newsletters.