Our new BusCare concept

Our new BusCare concept

In conjunction with our export drive, we updated our visual identity, including our Web site. In this connection, we focused on our central concept and how it is reflected in our day-to-day work with our collaboration partners.

This led us to adopt the BusCare concept, which encapsulates our passionate approach to offering our customers the best solutions possible for the maintenance of their fleet, in terms of both technology and costs. The decision also demonstrates our strong interest in our partners’ equipment and vehicles. BusCare – we really care.

In its issue 8/2017, the journal Ammattiautot, which is one of Finland’s leading publications in the field, featured an article on the changes that have taken place in our company over the last year, including the addition of new brands to our selection and the introduction of the BusCare concept. The article can be read in Finnish in PDF format either here or at http://www.ammattiautot.fi/uutiset/bussipro-jatkaa-kasvuaan/.

In addition, the well-known German journal Omnibusrevue noted our new concept and featured it in an article on the build-up to Kortrijk’s trade fair in its issue 10/2017 (page 42). The article, in German, can be read in PDF format here or at https://www.omnibusrevue.de/busworld-flotten-optimierung-durch-bussipro-2020725.html.  

Press releases on the topic can be downloaded from this page.

The international launch of the BusCare concept and unveiling of our new visual identity were both highlights of our presence at the year’s main bus-industry trade event, Busworld Kortrijk, held on 20–25 October.