Checklist for fall season

Checklist for fall season:

Weather is getting colder or at least more wet, remember to check your vehicles heating system, battery systems and brake system for example for its dryer.

  • We can supply spare parts for Webasto and Eberspächer systems, from nozzles to water circulation pump and water core.
  • Also heating and A/C system fans with filters are worthwhile to check to ensure defroster function and therefore guarantee the travel comfort.
  • As it is getting darker, it is worthwhile to check also lighting and reflectors. We have to offer also 90 mm LED low and high beam versions in OE quality.
  • To ensure power supply, check also battery and alternator condition. 
  • Starters and alternators are available as original quality, as also belt tensioners, guide rolls and belts.
  • For brake systems, we have a wide selection of Winnard brake discs and pads, for bus and coach and also for small buses, straight from the shelf at cost-effective price.
  • For windshield wiper systems, we have parts for DOGA, Matador and SWF brands.
  • To remove moisture from pressurized air systems, we have to offer also dryer cartridges.