Newsletter 06/2017

Newsletter 06/2017

Before the summer kicks in, it is worthwhile to check A/C and cooling systems operation. Our inventory covers bus, coach and small bus A/C and cooling spare parts. Radiators for engine, transmission and A/C condensers with wide variety, are also available from our warehouse.

Spare parts from bumper to bumper, OEM grade or equivalent.

Examples from our inventory:

  • A/C parts, for example dryers, condensers, blowers, control panel and filter cartridges.
  • Drive belts for A/C compressor, thermostats, radiators and condensers for cooling and hydraulic systems and also hydraulic motors for fans.
  • Drive line components, for example propeller shaft and final drives and their parts.
  • Small bus parts from body to chassis, for example shock absorbers and brake parts like calibers and air compressors.
  • Lighting parts, for example LED lights.

The main focus is on original spare parts, OEM manufacturers which also the bus and coach manufacturers use. Also available known, quality parts for older vehicles.

We are demonstrating above mentioned products groups in BUS 2017 fair in Paviljonki, Jyväskylä Finland 19.-21.6.2017.