New dealership 19.1.2017

New dealership 19.1.2017

BussiPro Oy and Meritor Inc. who is normally mostly well known as the OEM of Volvo brake parts have written an agreement for the dealership which includes brake parts and also drive line and axle components.

Agreement is significant on behalf of BussiPro Oy as it widens the OEM manufacturers range in brake and driveline products in addition for earlier e.g Knorr-Bremse dealership.

Agreement was also used to ensure the competitiveness and to be up-to-date at BussiPro also in the future as today, Meritor also supplies brake parts to new Scania vehicles.

In supplement of Volvo and Scania parts, BussiPro will also draw its aim for Iveco spare parts and driveline components.

In addition of spare part deliveries, BussiPro with assistance of Meritor experts will provide technical training for end customers.

As known by BussiPro and its provided brake parts, only products by manufacturers specifications will be provided as new or overhauled units. Report supplied by Meritor will include the background for overhauling the unit. Reports can be downloaded from link below.

Meritor Reman Quality Facts